R. T. Denom is a spanko and a writer.

Spanking. It’s something a lot of us wrestle with. Why are we so interested in it? Interested. That’s not a very accurate word. More like obsessed. If the average person thinks of sex between 10 and 19 times a day, well, the average spanko thinks of spanking that often too. Which is an awful lot to be thinking about something that society often tells you directly or indirectly is wrong.


There are people who write for a certain market because they think it sells. And then there are people who write simply because they are drawn to it. For R. T. Denom spanking erotica isn’t a genre exercise. R. T. writes about spanking because R. T. thinks about spanking a hell of a lot and happens to be a writer.

The OTK Tales are short stories with spanking at the center. There may or may not be sex in the stories, but there will always be spankings.

A little disclaimer. This is erotic fiction. In addition to that, this is erotic fiction that contains scenes of spankings. There are going to be aspects of non-consensual behavior. Although almost always it’s consensual non-consensual. If you’re easily triggered or are looking to be outraged about something, please, stay away. Again, it’s erotic fiction. Fantasy. Don’t yuck R. T.’s yum.