The Professor

On the eve of a long holiday weekend the Professor receives an unexpected visitor. When she asks for special favors he realizes the time has come for him to truly take things into his own hands.

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Erotic fiction for the spanking enthusiast

Browser History

R. T. Denom

Kayla has a secret fantasy. Something that’s occupied her thoughts all her life. When her husband gets in a bind and has to use her laptop, her hidden desires are dramatically revealed.

The Surrogate

R. T. Denom

Distance doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Not when there’s a service that provides disciplinary services to those who need them. It just comes as quite a shock when they actually knock on your door.

Pool Party

R. T. Denom

George believed in spanking. It had always been part of his relationships. But until he went to a pool party with Emily, he didn’t think he’d have to introduce that part of himself to her.